For what kind of health conditions is osteopathy effective?

Osteopathy is often known for its effects on back pain and sciatica. It is also effective for a variety of other health problems and symptoms.

The list below shows some common symptoms and problems that can be improved by osteopathic treatment. 

Musculoskeletal Common symptoms & conditions Lumbar and thoracic pain, disc herniation and prolapse, pelvic distortion, pain on upper extremities or lower extremities, whiplash after a road traffic accident, stiff neck and shoulders, frozen shoulder, musculoskeletal pain in the knee and ankle due to distortion, tendonitis, degenerative changes and osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, coccygeal pain etc. 
Common to athletes and dancersTennis elbow, golf elbow, groin pain, Osgut-Schlatter disease, a joint strain and sprain, mild concussion, realignment after surgery and rehabilitation
NeurologicalSciatica, trouble after cerebrovascular disorders, pain, pins and numbness along the upper extremities (the arm, the forearm, the wrist, and the hand) and lower extremities (the hip, the knee, the ankle and the feet), insomnia, dizziness, tinnitus etc.
Gastrointestinal Constipation, diarrhea, hyperacidity, abdominal distension, visceral disorders, irritable bowel syndrome etc. 
GynaecologicalWish for pregnancy, menstrual pain and irregular menstruation, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, upper and lower back pain before and after childbirth, pelvic torsion etc.
PrenatalPain around the hips, the back, the sacroiliac joint, and the pubic bone due to change trimester cycles (pregnancy)
PaediatricAsthma in children, torticollis, enuresis, indigestion etc. Cerebral palsy, ADHD, mild autism, restless infant with no apparent abnormalities
OrthodonticPain at the jaw by opening the mouth (especially referral from a dentist/orthodontist), pain around the teeth and the jaw with no apparent abnormalities. Dermatologic & Immunologic  Atopic dermatitis, bronchitis and asthma
Dermatologic & ImmunologicAtopic dermatitis, bronchitis and asthma

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. There are many other symptoms and dysfunctions which can be improved by osteopathic approaches. 

If you suffer from a severe illness, we recommend to consult your medical physician first.

Currently, UG Osteopath does not practice osteopathy in Japan yet. However, he considers treating clients if there are enough requests.