About Osteopathy

🌺 The practice is open and appointments are available again. Please contact me via telephone or E-mail. Thank you! Online Appointment System is coming soon.

An osteopath is a manual therapist who finds the cause of health problems and heals it with his hands. UG Osteopath treats patients with acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems of children, adult and athletes. 

The safe and reliable treatment at UG Osteopath is recognized by two national certificates. UG Osteopath is specifically,

  1. a registered osteopath at the General Osteopathic Council in the U.K. 
  2. a registered Heilpraktiker (complementary healthcare practitioner) in Germany.

UG Osteopath has more than 20 years of treating experience in manual therapies and other healing methods. The healing takes place on the basis of understanding the osteopathic principles. His practice is located in Munich, Germany. 

An osteopath (the practitioner who operates osteopathy) treats patients as a whole and enhances self-regulation, self-healing, and health maintenance of the body. Treating the cause of the problem brings patients to a balanced state. Therefore, it improves their symptoms and/or solves the problem.

Osteopathy and osteopathic medicine are known as evidence-based forms of manual therapy and medicine. Since it was founded by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, osteopaths have researched and published their scientific findings for many years in North America, Europe and other continents.  

UG Osteopath has treated weekly 40 patients claiming neck pain, headache, neck, shoulder, arm and leg pain and other symptoms. He is also gladly treats athletes, from professional to amateur, para athletes, and dancers, who suffer from many kinds of pains and symptoms.

UG Osteopath was selected as a member of the physical therapies team to work in the para athletics world championships London 2017 and Special Olympics Berlin 2023 . The wonderful experience at the sport event is transferable to his clinic.